Orr’s Bailey Yacht Club
Orr’s Island, Maine USA

Membership Information

For further information or to begin the process e-mail: membership@obyc.org

The Orr’s-Bailey Yacht Club has a limit of 260 members.

When the membership limit is reached, the Membership Committee maintains a waiting list of candidates who have successfully completed the application process. Candidates will be offered membership on a first-come basis, except that applications from adult children or siblings of current members shall be placed at the top of the waiting list.

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Please note that persons living together are considered as two members and membership — including application fee, dues and any other assessments — is required of both members. Children under 22 years of age are included with the adult membership. See Junior Associate below for children ages 22 through 26 years of age.

Applicants should be aware that membership does not insure a boat mooring space.  Mooring space limitations and availability are determined by the Harbormaster of the Town of Harpswell.  Those who desire moorings in the anchorage area must submit a completed OBYC mooring application to the Waterfront and Anchorage Committee. The Town of Harpswell also requires a mooring application and payment of a registration fee. For the full club dock and waterfront rules, see the separate document, Club Rules, on this website.

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Applicants also should be aware that all members share the financial costs of maintaining the facilities (building, docks, grounds, boats, etc.). All new members pay a one-time Initiation Fee (formerly called a Capital Assessment).  The mortgage has been paid off and currently there are no other assessments.

Applicants for membership must complete an approved Membership Application Form and forward it to the Membership Committee.  It must be endorsed by two sponsoring members in good standing of different households and include a non-refundable application fee.

The following is a list of current fees and assesments for membership.  The fees are determined by the Board of Directors and are reviewed annually.

Required of New Members
Application Fee (non-refundable) $200 for each member
Initiation Fee $1,000 for each Regular Member; half due upon acceptance, half within 6 months.
Required of All Members
Annual Membership Dues (set annually by Board of Directors) $300 per each Regular Member
Optional Fees
Junior Associate Membership (Non-voting membership for 22- to 26-year-old children of Regular Members.) Dues are ½ the annual rate of a Regular Member. No application fee or initiation fee.
Dock Space for Dinghy $125 per season
Kayak Storage $30 per season