Orr’s Bailey Yacht Club
Orr’s Island, Maine USA

Frequently Asked Questions

If I wanted to join, how do I apply for membership?
Click on the membership link for membership forms and additional information.

How many members does OBYC currently have?
The membership is limited to 260 members. While membership is currently full, we do maintain a waiting list.

I do not live in the area. Can I still keep my boat at OBYC?
OBYC members may keep their boat moored in the anchorage no matter where they live, provided there is space in the anchorage.  Dinghies may be stored on the floats provided they do not exceed 9′. Dinghies exceeding 9′ – 12′ can be tied to the south floats on the east side. There is a dinghy fee of $125 per season. There is a storage rack for kayaks. Kayak storage fee is $30 per season.

Can I bring guests?
Members are allowed to bring accompanied guests to the club. Keep in mind that children 10 and under must wear a PFD on the pier and floats at all times.  They must also be accompanied by an adult.

How active is the club in regatta sailing?
Saturday races are held in Harpswell Sound from mid-July thru August, hosted by the Merriconeag Yachting Association across the Sound.

How do I find out about sailing school?
Please visit Abbot Fletcher Sailing School link, https://obyc.org/afss, for information on sailing school programs and classes.

Can an adult get sailing lessons?
We do not offer sailing lessons to adults at this time.